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Start Itinerary: City of Tallahassee, Tallahassee Regional Airport

Driving Directions from I-10: Take Exit 196 South, turn left onto Capital Circle SW (SR 263) and cross over Tennessee St. (US 90). Follow Airport signs on Capital Circle SW (SR 263).

Tallahassee Regional Airport

Distance and driving time from I-10: 6 miles / 7 minutes.

Description: Florida’s Capital City of Tallahassee welcomes travelers to the Big Bend Scenic Byway. The 2-day itinerary begins and ends at the Tallahassee Airport, which is centrally located on the Byway and easily accessed from Interstate I-10. The airport is also located on the Cody Escarpment, an ancient early Pleistocene shoreline formed tens of thousands of years ago during a period of higher sea level. The scarp runs east to west, separating the Red Hills Region of southwest Georgia from the Gulf Coastal Lowlands of Florida’s Big Bend. Travelers will experience a dramatic shift in scenery on the first day’s drive—Fireforests and Mighty Rivers—as the low hills give way to extensive stretches of pine forests, swamps, and hardwood hammocks, dropping from an elevation of 230 feet (70 meters) to sea level.

Other Nearby Destinations: Airport Gallery, Airport Visitor’s Center.

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